5 Memory Lane


Gifts   Many of these products can also make unique personal gifts. Grandparents love pictures of their grandkids and gone are the days of cutting out (or remembering to cut out) a 5x7 or wallet sized school picture for their brag books. Photo books can be the perfect solution! Please let them know of this service or have something made for them! Mugs and calendars are also great solutions.

There are wonderful ways to capture special events, family trips and holidays. Many of us never take or make the time to sit around as a family and relive special moments by looking through albums together. Computers have digital slideshows and we have digital pictures saved to our phones and facebook albums, but not the real, in your hands, hard copy to share and display. Others have shoeboxes full of prints they want to display.

You make the memories,

we'll help make them last forever.

ABC Alphabet Book A is for Autumn, B is for Birthdays, etc. My son had to move away from his little playmate and we made each boy an identical book to remember all their fun times together. Also a great idea for a grandparent to read to their grandchildren of their memories together.

Solider Home From Deployment, "Daddy's Home" Show the reunion and the new memories! 
Family Visits  "I documented my son's first visitors to share
 with him how many people came to see him after he was born, and named it 'Share the Love' " If grandparents come to visit, a great gift would be a photo book of all the memories shared

Sports Seasons Relive the season with a photo book of all the games and/or awards 

Travels Capture the moments of one portion of your trip or the whole thing! Keep your trips organized in their own individual books.

Seasons Group your years together season by season, such as Fall 2012, etc. 

Same Event, Several Years  "My How You've Grown!" Several yearly Beach trips all in one book or other yearly event (Halloween, Sledding, Sitting on Santa's lap, etc.)
Insurance/Record Keeping  Take pictures of all things valuable or under warranty and keep a photo book record of serial numbers, contact info, etc.
Before/AfterProjects Great way to display all of the hard work put into a project by displaying before/after pictures
Poster Collages  Want all the pictures in a frame, or your favorites from a book, easily viewed on your walls? Poster collages make great wall art and can be a favorite family trip, a year of memories into 15-20 pictures, or something to display at a shower or party.
Pregnancy Flip Books   "I took a picture of my pregnancy/belly month by month and put it in a small flip book to see the belly and baby grow"
Museum/Zoo/Special Event/Trips  Makes for a fun memory if the whole day takes up a photo book to look back through, great for family outings and field trips.

‚ÄčSmall Story Books Write a small story and use your pictures to illustrate it.

Baby's First Year  Monthly pictures of baby or maybe each time they were dressed up for an event. Great gift idea for a friend if you have a picture of their child from every month and can surprise them with pictures they may have never seen!

Please let us help you catch up on your own projects and photos or let us help you make wonderful gifts for those who would appreciate having their memories last forever!

Sample Projects and Ideas!