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About Us

Hello, I'm Amy, at 5 Memory Lane. I've been 'enamored' with pictures and making photo projects for as long as I can remember. Back in the days when you had to wait weeks for your pictures to get printed and if you wanted to make collages or scrapbooks, you had to cut the pictures out and tape them down yourself. If you wanted double prints, you had to get duplicates of each picture, before you even knew if they were good! 
​Photos tell stories and capture memories and I have always thought of them as a way to freeze time and remember moments forever. They are a way to see how far you have come or have changed. Photos provide a way for us to understand our past and share the past with our loved ones. They also enable our desire to record and share our memorable events far into the future.

My father is a free-lance photographer and my mother made scrapbooks for us before they were 'cool' so needless to say our house was always filled with pictures and photo albums. My grandfather wrote his autobiography and it is amazing to have his lifetime documented to pass on to future generations. Whether via words or photos, theyhelp tell the story and capture life's ordinary and special moments! To continue that tradition with my young family, I have many photo albums and photo books in my home. I want to help others capture their memories as well.

You make the memories,

we'll help make them

last forever!

​Contact me at Amy@5MemoryLane.com or view the contact page for more options.

About Us